Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My foreign exchange student moves in on Friday! His name is Adbul and he is from Saudi Arabia. I met him last week for him to see the house and make sure we got along. Well, we clicked and he will officially be my new roomie for his next semester at UCO!

I am excited to learn about his culture and me to teach him about ours. Maybe he can cook me something yummy! Looking online at pictures of Saudi Arabia I can tell our country's literally are worlds apart. I have so many questions............wish me luck on my first time being a host house!

I got scared for the first time ever last night. There was a huge storm and I was watching a suspense movie.........at that moment I said a little prayer thanking God for getting me this far with zero scary moments. And telling him thank you for finding me my exchange student so hassle free. I think the Big Guy knows I have a heavy load right now and he took care of this hurdle for me.

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