Saturday, August 15, 2009

who wants to mow my yard?

It seems I have been saying "so far, so good" a lot lately. It is perfect for how my world is right at this moment. Everything major is in place, I am comfortable, it has only been a short while since the decision..... In other words So Far, So Good.

The month long roomie is fantastic. He is a nice, respectful, a all around cool guy. Did that just sound dorky? Man, I hate it when I do that......

Otis on the other hand is completely thrown off by this man in his house. I know he will warm up to him, I just hope sooner than later. At least this morning his tail wagged as he hide behind me when Jarral and I were talking about our days.

So now I am really going to throw my little guy for a loop when my exchange student, Adbul, finally moves in this evening. What can I say my dog is Emo.
This is yesterday when Otis was meeting one of the kittens. (it is the kitten my parents are keeping, hello Wilbur!)

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