Friday, August 7, 2009

Goodbye old, Hello new

My house is slowly being brought up to date one little project at a time. I love my little projects. My dad on the other hand sometimes does not understand my design goal. Such as when I said "Hey Daddy-O...can you come over this weekend and help me pull up the carpet in the front two bedrooms and front hallway? I want to paint the floor!"

He replied with one eye brow raised "Whatever you would like my dear." (isn't he the best)
What he was really thinking was "my youngest daughter and her crazy ideas...doesn't she know everyroom needs carpet, popcorn on the ceiling, and non painted woodwork?"

Shortly after he found me wondering around at work and told me all about my "little project" I had planned for us. First we would pull the carpet back, then carefully pull up the carpet tack strips, then vacuum up the cement chunks, then fill the holes with cement, then let it dry, then sand spots smooth, then sweep, then vacuum, then mop, and then onto the painting. Needless to say my project was not sounding so little.

But let me tell you it was probably the easiest, fastest, most painless project I have ever done! Even with the beginning stage looking like this.

Goodbye old carpet......
Hello new glossy floors!

I love you brown paint.

I like to stand and stare at you when I get home from work.

And sometimes even in the morning.

Now what to do with the hall bath floor........and the woodwork......and the wall color?

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