Saturday, August 1, 2009

yesterday, last week, today, this weekend....

...i have been.....moving stuff, cleaning, organizing, purging items, redecorating, refreshing the house, making room, painting, moving king size bed alone, pulling up carpet, talking with friends, dining with friends, reassuring my parents i will be okay, reassuring myself i will be okay, asking lots of questions, looking for a foreign exchange student to move in, moved dresser alone, mowed the yard and gain a few blisters.

life is good.

work? mind numbing. the stores accountant is moving on to bigger and better things (very happy for my friend Steph)(sad to lose my co-worker) so to save on payrole i have stepped up to do her duties. and there is a reason people have degrees to do this. i know nothing. i understand nothing. probably does not help my mind has not been fully at work in the last couple of weeks. so far the power is still on and my parents do not want to fire me. yet.

i can do it. Quickbooks i will dominate you soon. i just don't know how soon.....

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