Thursday, August 20, 2009


what is this? is it real? are they serious about the music?

I am not into road trips. I am into flying. I love everything about flying....airports, the people, the excitement...

But sometimes you must drive and I do not care for these situations.

Yesterday was one of those situations. Jarral (roomie for a month) was buying a car in dallas and needed someone to ride with him and drive the rental car back. I volunteered....dang why did i do that.....

No really the drive down was fine, not too much traffic, nice company but coming home at 10:00 at night was BRUTAL! The Mexican we ate before we left did not sit right with all.....blah. But I found an entertaining call in show and kept on truckin'. I kept thinking of Dora on Finding Nemo and kept saying to myself "just keep driving, just keep driving..." (you read that in tone, didn't you)

Pulling into my driveway at 1:30 was heaven. Poor Otis was home alone for 12 hours and could not wait for me to open the backdoor! He was probaly a nervous wreck since the roofers were banging away into the evening.

Then I called my sleeping mom, like I was back in high school, to let her know I was home safe and then said "hey boss, can i sleep in?" She said "of course." I love my mom.

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