Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shadow Smith.....i like it.

Lots going on in my little world right now. Better to list than to try and do correct grammar. Guess I am a lazy bones today. I blame the rain.

-New roof going up today! my roomie owns a roofing company and gave me a heck of a deal on an awesome new roof.
-Going to dallas with the same roomie today so he can pick up a car. hopefully i will have time to meet up with a good friend and brake bread together. i miss this lady!
-Otis likes BOTH the guys now. YIPPEE! He still follows me everywhere but what's new.
-I am loving spending so much time with friends lately. I feel like i am finding myself again....

Here i am at a friends house warming party from over the weekend. The lovely husbands took our picture for us. Someone started it and then we all followed with "here take my camera too" "and mine" "oh let me grab mine!" So i must say Thank You to my friend's husbands for getting everyone into the shot!

The house warming party was nice, the house is cute, the company was great. Now someone else should buy a house so we all can get together again.

This little one has gone through more names than Sean Combs in his short 5 weeks alive.

gray cat

gray cat
love bug
gray cat
and now and maybe offical.....Shadow.
so sweet.......

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