Thursday, August 13, 2009

T-minus a few hours

This evening my first new roomie gets into town. (super pumped) He is a friend of an acquaintance who is going to be in town for a month and did not want to stay at a hotel for that long. And I still had one more open room so here we are going to be living together for one month and I just figured out his name today! (shhh don't tell him that)

I am excited to see where all of this takes me.....

Last night I was thinking how I made one decision and with this one decision my life has taken a completely different path which it was on. And now I am opening my home up to strangers and I am going to now effect their lives. Funny how little we really know about our futures.....

oh yeah, remember the show Alf?

It was a good show and who knew this whole time we could of bought an Alf phone.

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