Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Attention Pet Owners

I think it is great how no matter who you are male, female, old, young, dog lover, or cat servant, we all speak to our furry friends the same. We all have "conversations" with our pets. And sometimes they are the best conversations we have all day.

So picture yourself walking up to your loving pet and then we all will ask a question such as "is that chair comfy?"

After no response (because our pets cannot talk) we will ask the question again only in a higher pitched voice and will usually add our pet's name at the end. "Is that a chair comfy, Otis?"

Quickly after we will say "huh?" in our sweet voice we save for when we hold new born babies. We are now saying "huh" like our pet had responded but we did not catch their answer.

We will then answer our own question...."yes, this chair is comfy"

This conversation will end with us making a comment such as "you're such a good boy. enjoy the comfy chair!" And walk away feeling perfect content with the exchange of love which just took place between owner and pet.

I am thinking/giggling about this today because our very own super mom Peng is one pathetic cat right now and we all keep stopping and "talking" to her as she is napping in the middle of the office. She took a "trip" to the vet late last week to get her fixed. Also her body is confused from her stopping nursing. Going from feeding 6 growing kittens to post surgery has to feel miserable! She is swollen, sleepy, and winy (literally, she is walking around crying over and over)

Poor girl.....

Shadow (the newest member of the Edmond Rock family) is being a big boy and is staying all by himself during the day at my parents house to keep him away from Peng so her body will stop producing milk.

Now I must go ask the cat how she is feeling.

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