Saturday, September 12, 2009

go aheah, give it a lick

Adbul moved on to a new house last week after he no longer had a car to get to school. he needed a place in walking distance to class so out he went. jarral leaves to go back home soon which means i was on the mission again on finding new roomies.

the first new house mate is terri a sweet lady in her 5th year at uco who moves in over the weekend and a exchange student from Japan, Mika. She rocks and moves in at the end of the month.

i am happy i am going with girls this round of roomies. the guys have been fine but i am ready to have more freedom in the house. i want to walk out for water in the middle of the night without worrying what i am wearing or color my hair without being stuck in my room.

i felt bad for making terri live in a room with mind numbing blue and white stripped wallpaper on one wall. so i have spent my evenings this week pulling down the wallpaper which is horribly stuck. i think it really loves the sheet rock it has been kickin' it with for the past 25 years.

As i started pulling down the dreadful stripes a little piece of my childhood was starring back at me. world i would like you to met my ice cream wallpaper from my life as Little Christel.

this wallpaper, which is being a pickle to pull down, saw so much of my childhood....from bedtime stories, to eskimo and butterfly kisses from Dad, barbie taking a vacation to the other side of the room, sleep overs, and saying my prayers with mom every night.

the one memory which made me literately laugh out loud was the time i told my bestie Linzi it was lick-able wallpaper like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. she didn't believe me.

i thought about how i was told standing in front of this wallpaper if i organized my toys by myself, stop biting my nails and grow them long enough to have the white part of the nail show i could get my ears pierced. holy cow, what a big deal for little me! thank you mom and dad for doing this because to this day i have great nails and the most organized house on the street!

hopefully the last of the paper will be gone today so i can paint tomorrow. and as i pull the last of the paper down i will be giggling at myself for being a perfectly dorky little kid.

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