Wednesday, September 23, 2009

nap time

i was wanting to write about something today which had pictures since i have not posted a picture in a while. then i thought about the one thing i can not stop taking pictures of.....Shadow! i love this little bugger.

so without further is a day in the life of 10 week old Shadow.

he starts his day with bill and marybeth. usually stomping around on their desk.

then will move onto my desk to take a nap.

after his cap nap (haha i am so funny) we put him outside for some fresh air. he will get followed by a shih tzu who is still obsessed with him.

he then checks out the yard art which is for sale.

back inside he will get smothered or should i say he gets shown love from the same shih tzu which was just tailing him outside.

next shadow will have to listen as the shih tzu gets in trouble for licking the kitten too much.

time for a nap with mom.

back outside and still being stalked.

now he must stop and pose for the paparazzi.

one more nap with mom. this is his way of saying thank you carrying me for 2 months in your belly.

next he moves onto ripping a bag of cement mix but acting like he didn't do it.

and he can't forget to explore his kitty litter.

or this big box of paper. this was very nice of my parents to get shadow his very own box to play in. maybe i should state someone needs to take the trash out.

oh no now is the time the shih tzu will need to know exactly what shadow is doing. and bark if he can't see him. or bark if he can see him but can't get to him. or bark if he can see him and get to him. needless to say otis barks a lot at the poor kitten. he is just in love......

but i guaranty at anytime you can usually guess he is right there napping with his mom. what a tough life he leads.

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