Friday, September 11, 2009

packages tied up with string

The other evening i curled up with the pup in my big comfy bed and watched a movie which i know by heart and have been know to break out in song during as it's not Glitter but.....The Sound of Music. Awww just the name makes me all warm inside.

Usually when i watch this movie i am participating through the whole thing in song but this time i was more happy to sit back and just enjoy. And during A Few of My Favorite Things i started thinking....

about things which make me terribly happy...

cocoa in my coffee
the snooze button
holding a baby, any baby will do
stormy mondays
leftovers from my sister's fridge
invitations in my mail box
surprise thoughtful messages
baked goodies from my mom
impulse bought lip gloss
sun kissed shoulders
a sappy lifetime movie
being barefoot
the start of a new season
giggles which turn into hiccups
embarrassing stories
the sound of little kids voices
going to the airport
sharing a meal with friends
roller coasters
listening to my dog while he dreams and then his sigh if i wake him up

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