Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who wants some dirt

i don't have a favorite so i am posting them all. kids playing in the dirt is just so frakin' cute!

this was my oldest nephew Wyatt's birthday party from over the weekend. his mom, my sista, was trying to come up with some cool ideas for his party a few months ago and then Wyatt told her wanted his party at the yard. what a great idea little man!

we posted up on the lower level by the soil, sand, and mulch. what else could a group of rowdy kiddos want to roll around in?!

here is the birthday boy now beyond excited to have his friends at "his rock yard."

we pulled the bob cat out so everyone could crawl around inside it. but i still can't decide if this was for the kids or the dads.

here is Sutton examining the wheels to his cart. we would not want them to go flat because there was a lot of sand to be moved around.

Neena and Pa (my parents) brought in a big truck of top soil that morning for the party guests to get nice and dirty. I did not get a picture of when one boy was buried up to his neck. i am sure his mother got excited about her time which was about to be spent in her laundry room.

then Pa brought the dump truck down. this was a huge hit. the kids stood perfectly still in awe of the truck. Wyatt was beaming with pride. (melt my heart)

We even gave fort lift rides! Can my sister throw a party or what?!?!

And check out the cake she made her first born. Dirt Cake! Talk about a flash back to awesome childhood memories. And of course she put it in a dump truck.

And talk about one dirty Sutton.

this 4 year old LOVED his cake, cookies, drinks from the "work" cooler, and his rock candy. there was a dirt theme and sister ran with it. i love her and her dirt theme party. when i have a mini me someday she will do their parties, if she likes it or not.

Wyatt's girlfriend Rachel's grandma was AMAZING and brought Rachel's horse out to the party. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! SHE ROCKS!!! Babe the horse was a HUGE hit.

Then it was present time. I think for my next birthday party i will invite Wyatt's friends because they give awesome stuff and so they could bring so sweetness to my party! I see his friends every couple of months and every time i do i want to pinch every last one of their cheeks. How is it possible for ALL his friends to be handsome little devils and gorgeous little angles!?

Check out the new rain coat Neena and Pa got him. It has matching firetruck boots.

Here are the sweet party guests while they are getting ready for a "Sand Ride" around the yard.

Once again Pa put the equipment to work and the kids LOVED it.

Every child that comes out to the store with their parents are always playing with the gravel, wanting to climb on the boulders, and bounce around with excitement when we use the equipment. So of course the Dirt Themed Party at Edmond Rock would be the PERFECT 4 year old's party.

To top off his kick butt party the birthday boy rode Babe up and over the top soil. In his little world this is huge. Kind of like this morning when i found out Ellen will be the new AI judge. I am totally pumped. i love her.

Happy Birthday again Wyatt. i loved your party.

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