Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Wyatt! (yesterday)

4 years ago (yesterday) Sister gave us a little man which added a little spice to the family. Did I just say "a little" spice?! This kiddo has shaken and stirred our family to a whole other level of happiness.

Wyatt Aaron is pure spunk with a handsome little face. A handsome little face which melts my heart. Man......Tiffany and Darrick make beautiful babies......

When he made his entrance 4 years ago (yesterday) he gave everyone new spiffy titles.....my sister became Mom, my brother-in-law became Dad, my parents Neena and Pa, and gave me the cool title of Aunt Christel.

He is a hard headed little bugger. Want he wants....he will get. Sorry Sister for this one......

He loves school, trucks, bug juice, dressing up, his frogs, cuddle time before bed, "working" with Pa, driving heavy equipment, talking to Mom when she is on the phone, chalk, anything which involves getting dirty, cowboy boots and his savior Jesus Christ. (sounds like a cool kid, huh?)

His imagination is fantastic. I like to ask him what he is doing while playing. Some of the stuff he says blows my mind. Why do we all lose this awesome gift?

Wyatt takes such good care of his brother Sutton. And Sutton thanks him by mimicking his every move.

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet, adorable, perfect, rowdy, lovable nephew. I am excited for your party on Saturday!

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