Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my helpers

i am not a fan of yard work. i like planting, watering, pot placing but not the working part of it. but this lady is on her own now and my neighbors depend on me to get out there and do what needs to be done. i do sure wish the Tooth Fairy had a cousin named the Lawn Work Fairy.

my apple tree is great. i like watching the apples grow, having the nephews over to pick apples, and then watch their sweet faces when they realize Aunt Christel's apples are no Granny Smiths.

but this tree sure is messy. i mean really messy. what a pain it would be to pick up after it. but luckly i have furry friends who are my very own version of the Lawn Fairy.

thank you mr bunny for helping me with my fallen apples.

i do appreciate you taking this task on for me. i will take all the help i can get.

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