Tuesday, September 8, 2009

They call it puppy love

This past weekend at my casa was a simple, relaxing, rejuvenating one. Well expect for this one thing.....it involves a pig skin, one point, and one highly important shoulder but I don't want to talk about that.

I do want to talk about why my little man was looking so bummed....pathetic really.

It was this little one being in his territory. Otis did a lot of sitting and staring and thinking.

See Exhibit A.

He was not fond of someone else sitting on his mom's lap.....

and laying on his couch.

I should just come clean for Otis and say he does not like anything in his world to change. Well heck he does not like thunder either, anything which beeps, or when the toilet lid is down and he can't get himself a drink. He is ridiculous.

Yet by the first night he had started to get closer to Shadow. Yet still staying at a safe distance since the cat at work attacks him on a daily basis.

But there was something about this kitten which made O man not want to take his eyes off him. I thought this was better than him going into closet for 3 days only to come out to show me how abused and neglected he is.

The 2nd night i came into my room to discover a bond had been made.

Then i was caught taking pictures.

And Otis's tongue could not contain itself anymore.

And this is how the rest of the weekend was spent. Shadow soaking wet from Otis showing him they are now best buddies.

i almost did not take Shadow back to my parents house but then i did not know if kitten-napping is a punishable crime.

Mom and Dad i will cat sit for you anytime. I will state now that I cannot promise you will get your cat back next time.

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