Saturday, September 26, 2009

Me vs a Bug

What was not any fun while i was sick:

-pretending to smile while helping customers
-having to call in sick to work
-a back ache from sleeping 14 hours
-the eye strain from watching 2 movies in a row
-missing the Boys to Men concert with friends last night

What was not so bad about being sick:

-working with my dad who was laughing at me as i helped customers with my fake smile
-calling in sick to my mom who was more concerned that her baby girl was sick than her employee was not coming to work. and yes i am 27, i will always be her baby girl.
-feeling completely well rested this morning after being a lazy bones
-finally getting to watch 17 Again and He's Just Not That Into You.
-my safety was not in jeopardy from going to the fair on a Friday night to watch an old school boy band

Something which was nice being sick:

-the 3 pounds lost

Ha Ha Ha! Mr. Bug I won this Battle!

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